American Electro Products (AEP) began plating parts for various industries in 1950. In time, the company’s focus became directed on the electronic connector industry. At the time the majority of parts were loose piece and were barrel plated.

As the company grew in the 1980s AEP developed reel to reel plating to address new customer needs. During this same period more stringent requirements for plating loose piece parts led to the introduction of vibratory plating.

Plating requirements, especially in the electronics industry, continue to grow more demanding. Customers are looking for complete ID coverage even as parts become ever smaller. In the face of rising gold prices and fierce competition, AEP has maintained a leadership role in the plating industry. By utilizing new technologies such as spot plating and employing state of the art plating baths we have dedicated ourselves to continual process improvement.

Quality & Reliability

Over the years AEP has maintained a reputation as a reliable provider of precious metal plating and is an approved supplier for some of the nation’s largest defense contractors and OEMs. We have maintained a broad base, meeting the requirements of the aerospace, automotive, medical, military and telecommunications industries.

AEP strives to maintain its position as a reputable and reliable supplier of precious metal plating through innovation and dedication.

Our Primary Plating Capbilities Include: